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this is a blog dedicated to the beautiful artist, poet and inspiration that is patti smith.

i do not own the photos.

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crcksnaphtgrph said: i love this blog, it's my new favourite. i could look at Patti Smith photos forever. :)

thank you, i’m glad!

photo by michael zagaris, 1975.

photo by michael zagaris, 1975.

Anonymous said: it is my photo and i would like you to remove - it is not a photo I want on the internet - please do not make me pursue this as an infringement of my copyright-- lynn goldsmith

i’ll remove it from this blog, as you wish.
the original post that i only reblogged as it appeared by the original poster, is here however, if you’d like to contact them. tumblr works mostly by reblogging, and the one who originally posted it to tumblr is different from people who only share it on their tumblr.

Anonymous said: thank you for all the pictures of Patti you post. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog as a fellow fan of her.

thank you ! i am glad to share the love and grateful for the apprecition.


Patti Smith


Patti Smith

Anonymous said: Did Patti know Edie Sedgwick? if so what type of relationship it was? i ask for this post/40418787039/edie-sedgwick-1943-1971-i-dont-know-how-she

as far as i know, patti didn’t know her personally but saw her around new york with warhol’s clique and was inspired by her, admired her in her early years.

Anonymous said: do you know any of the brand of boots patti wears?

no, i can’t remember her ever mentioning a brand.

//edit: she has mentioned having a pair of jimmy choo boots recently.